Use insights to improve your travel marketing

Travel Marketing Blog Series – Part 1


Top tips for creating effective travel marketing

Travel marketing can be challenging, it’s a crowded market with lots of competing destinations, unlimited hotels and an abundance of tour operators and travel agents. Everyone in the travel industry works hard to create brand awareness and drive enquires. But how do you get your marketing to cut through the noise? How can you ensure your campaigns are impactful and meet your travel business objectives?

It’s important to have a strong marketing strategy, with clear objectives. Do your research, understand your audience and always think about how you want that audience to respond to your marketing.  In my ‘Travel Marketing’ blog series I’ll be delving into five of my top travel marketing tips to help travel agents, tour operators, tourist boards and hotels to develop effective travel marketing that delivers.

Research and insight should always come first, that’s why I will cover it first in my travel marketing series.

Research and insight

Be an expert in your market and know your target audience. Travel trends are changing all the time, so it’s important to keep up to date with what your audience want and to be ahead of emerging travel trends. Industry experience will give you some insight into your target market but doing research will ensure your marketing output is always current and relevant to your audience. Research will keep you abreast of the latest marketing techniques – digital is changing the landscape of marketing every day. Research will help you to target the right audience, on the right platforms, at the right time and with the right content.


  • Skift and Photowright, are great sources of information on global travel industry trends.
  • Primary research will always be the most relevant to your business. You should consider doing your own quantitative and qualitative research to get detailed insight on all areas of your business, to support your marketing. SurveyMonkey, Feefo and Trustpilot are effective tools to get feedback from your target audience. Focus groups can also provide valuable insights.
  • Social listening enables you to keep abreast of what is being said online, so you can gather further insights on your business, the market and your competitors. Mention, Google Alerts and BrandWatch can make monitoring much easier. Check out my blog on Social Listening.

Your database

This is one of your biggest assets. Set time aside each month to review your database, analyse client behaviour to identify your own trends, segment your database, produce target communications and mirror characteristic to target new clients.

Travel Insights

Travel Insights is a new way of gathering regular, detailed travel insights on your target audience. The first data release will be ready soon. For further details on how the second release can be tailored to your business needs email:

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